Don’t be surprised if soon you…experience better health, enjoy increased confidence, meet new people, have a more exciting social life, have more grace and poise, feel more relaxed, stand out on the dance floor and lose weight.

Yes, these are just some of the many benefits Jacques Carstens students acquire by taking lessons.

Jacques Carstens was trained by one of the biggest dance organizations in the world and has been teaching Social Ballroom and Latin dancing since 1983.

Qualifications: Teachers Diploma, Advanced Teachers Diploma, Masters Diploma, Advanced Masters Diploma and Examiners Diploma.


Jacques proudly achieved Honours for all his Freestyle exams

Jacques Carstens thrives on teaching  his profession and has performed on many a floor, including Sun City and The Wild Coast Sun.


All our Instructors are highly qualified and professional, making it their priority to make the students feel at home and at ease, at all times.


Our students are an extension of our family.


The studio is situated in an upmarket security complex